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The End of an Era

So the title of this post may be a bittt dramatic.  Maybe just a tad.  Because really, it’s actually only the end of the summer.  But that’s the end of an era, right? Yesterday marked the first day of classes for students at the best and brightest University in all of America (that happens to … Continue reading

Wildwood Perks

*So I’m just now actually getting around to posting this and adding pictures. Oops.  A week and a half late isn’t that behind schedule, right? At the beginning of Project students created a “Wildwood SP Perks” Twitter account where they retweeted different things Project people tweeted. Here’s a sampling of what you would find – … Continue reading


Last night Roger Hershey spoke at our training meeting. If you’re like me, that name doesn’t really mean all that much. But from what I deduced, it could possibly be the equivalent of David Platt or Matt Chandler coming to speak at a small training session for your church. Maybe I have it completely wrong, … Continue reading

Life Lately

So things have been a little crazy here in the wild hood of Wildwood. But in a good way, of course. The students have arrived and things are kickin’. And let me just tell you, these students are great. Seriously, really really great. Their hearts are so on fire for the Lord. And they’re just … Continue reading


This actually has nothing to do with Wildwood. Back home in Louisville God’s wrath has been expounded. Well, not really, but there is a pretty significant flood all up on campus. Here are some photo’s that have been floating around Facebook (get it, like the cars floating in the water? :)) 2nd/3rd St. and Eastern In … Continue reading

Cape May

Fun Fact about Cape May – According to some important and respectable statistics company, Cape May is the #3 place for destination weddings in the US. Andddd, just in case you were wondering the number one and two places are Vegas (sadly, not a surprise) and Disney World (I mean, really? Who’s going to officiate … Continue reading