This actually has nothing to do with Wildwood. Back home in Louisville God’s wrath has been expounded. Well, not really, but there is a pretty significant flood all up on campus. Here are some photo’s that have been floating around Facebook (get it, like the cars floating in the water? :)) 2nd/3rd St. and Eastern In … Continue reading

Cape May

Fun Fact about Cape May – According to some important and respectable statistics company, Cape May is the #3 place for destination weddings in the US. Andddd, just in case you were wondering the number one and two places are Vegas (sadly, not a surprise) and Disney World (I mean, really? Who’s going to officiate … Continue reading


First off, I’m writing this on my phone because we don’t technically have wireless Internet… And the Internet I was bumming off someone kept kicking me off. So alas, here I am, on my phone trying to type this sucker up. That being said, please overlook any spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. (: And so, … Continue reading