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It’s Happening Here

Four years ago I decided (somewhat begrudgingly) to attend the University of Louisville.  Around the same time they went through a rebranding, adopting the new slogan “It’s Happening Here”,  I’ve always made fun of that moniker… things happen everywhere, what does “it” refer to? It took nearly four years to see what the “it” could … Continue reading

Currently Reading

Somehow, throughout the past few years, I’ve aggregated quite a few books on the topic of Religion and Theology.  Sadly, between reading the nearly 1000 pages I have to do weekly for my classes (and that’s only a slight exaggeration), and wanting to have something that somewhat resembles a social life, all those books I want to … Continue reading

hoping in God, not a god who gives you things. – monday’s musings

In effort to start updating this blog more consistently, I’m starting a segment called “Monday Musing with Manderz”. Titled that mostly because I love alliteration, and partly because the rest of the world obviously needs to know my nickname. (: Without further ado, here’s the first installment. Lately well meaning people, and dear friends, have consistently … Continue reading